Vinka launches VK3606D/VK3610I/VK3618I cost-effective anti-interference touch IC


       Vinka has launched three new cost-effective and anti-interference touch ICs: VK3606D, VK3610I, VK3618I. It meets the application requirements of 6-key touch, 10-key touch and 18-key touch respectively. These three cost-effective and anti-jamming touch ICs have a high level of integration and can detect touch keys with only a few external components. Applicable to large and small home appliances, entertainment products.
       VK3606D, VK3610I, VK3618I cost-effective and high-performance anti-interference series touch chips have good anti-power interference and mobile phone interference characteristics, and their EFT parameters can reach more than ±2KV. A special integrated circuit is used inside the chip, which has a high power supply voltage rejection ratio, which can reduce the occurrence of button detection errors. This feature ensures that the chip still has high reliability in the application of unfavorable environmental conditions. In the case of close-range and multi-angle interference, the touch sensitivity and reliability of VK360X high anti-interference series touch chips are not affected.
      These three touch ICs also have features such as automatic calibration and low standby current, which provide a simple and effective solution for customers in touch applications. VK3606D, VK3610I use SOP16 package; VK3618I use SSOP28 package.

Application areas:
● Large and small home appliances
● Entertainment products
● Replace traditional mechanical buttons

Related Products:
P/N touch channel Operating voltage/standby current output mode package
VK3606D 6 2.4V-5.5V/7uA(3V) direct output SOP16
VK3610I 10 2.4V-5.5V/9uA(3V) I2Coutput SOP16
VK3618I 18 2.4V-5.5V/16uA(3V) I2Coutput SSOP28
*For specific parameters, please refer to Vinka selection manual and related specifications.