Company Culture

Corporate philosophy

We always put product quality first. No matter how difficult it is, it will provide a large number of excellent products for users at home and abroad, and contribute to the progress and improvement of culture.
      There is solidarity within the company to ensure proper profits while thoroughly implementing quality assurance activities.
      In order to manufacture goods that lead the world, efforts should be made to improve unique technologies in all sectors so that businesses can continue to grow.
      Ensuring a healthy and stable life, honing a rich humanity and intellect, and contributing to society.
      Recruit talents widely, base on training, and make them the foundation for the long-term prosperity of the enterprise.
Quality management:
Implement internal standardization throughout the company and establish a data management system.
Carry out comprehensive and continuous investigation activities, and focus on the development of new technologies and new products.
Statistical methods should be used actively and flexibly in all activities of an enterprise.
In all production processes, a quality assurance system should be established.
Continuously pursue the modernization of production methods and strive to reduce product costs.
When purchasing materials and semi-finished products, suppliers should be urged to ensure quality in the form of contracts.
Staff education concept:
No matter operators, managers, supervisors or general practitioners, they should make efforts and constantly absorb new knowledge, and cultivate people with broad vision and scientific judgment.
Cultivate people who can make full use of knowledge and experience to be excellent in their posts and work hard.
Cultivate people who can persevere to find a way out even in adversity and will never give up until their goals are achieved.
Thoroughly implement the spirit of "self in the team", and cultivate people who put collective honor first.
Employee Education Policy:
All practitioners, seize every opportunity, and strive to self-enlightenment.
All people in leadership positions should act as an example and take the lead anytime, anywhere.
Education and training should be based on the direct training of their supervisors in their daily work, and education and training outside the factory should be implemented at the same time.
Leaders at all levels should make objective evaluations of their subordinates, and should plan and continuously conduct effective education and training for them.
The evaluation of leaders at all levels should, in principle, be judged on the basis of the effect of education and training on their subordinates.